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Neutral I am getting 5 calls a day from this number. I've blocked it but still being harassed. It's disgraceful Virgin offshore marketing calls. They should do something about this, its shameful practice. Jan 20, 2018
Unsafe This is a spamming number that keeps calling everyday r Jan 19, 2018
Safe It's a spy number.......It's a spy number.....It's a spy number..... Jan 17, 2018
Unsafe Twats fake fake fake keep them talking and lead the A merry dance Dec 19, 2017
Unsafe can i have your virgin account details - no? slam phone dropped dead. record cut off. Jul 8, 2017
Unsafe Had them ring my number 5 times already today, ring at any time of day even weekends, never answer it Jun 9, 2017
Neutral Frequent Nuisance Call, Ignored Repeated Request To Refrain Mar 30, 2017
Neutral Keep on calling everyday since the last four days at least for or five times a week Mar 29, 2017
Unsafe Very blatant scam. Not a UK call centre, terrible line quality, all the hallmarks. Mar 17, 2017
Unsafe Had a call from them saying Virgin . Had a chat and i got 12 month house tv (xl) broad band fibre 100mb and phone line for 30£ a month . Bargain . Jan 20, 2017
Unsafe Unknown number. Possible scam Dec 20, 2016
Neutral This is a scam and a bullsh** no one should answer Dec 17, 2016
Unsafe Left a silent voice mail. Dec 16, 2016
Neutral Phone twice a day. I answered the first one, no one there. Rejected the rest Dec 15, 2016
Neutral Said they were from virgin and i hung up, i called actual virgin they said they haven't called me or needed to. Complete scam Dec 13, 2016
Neutral Called, didnt say anything, and i had to hang up... Dec 10, 2016
Neutral Called 4 times in 2 days. No voice mail. Dec 10, 2016
Unsafe Same experience for me. Dec 9, 2016
Unsafe same thing for me said they call from Virgin Media that my account has been selected to get a discount and asked my first line of address. I stopped then! Dec 07, 2016

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