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Safe Message from a bonafide mobile. But indistinct and have blocked as it is not from BT Mar 10, 2018
Safe Message from my dentist to change an appointment. Was sent to my landline rather than my mobile. Had to press 1 to listen to the text message. Feb 20, 2018
Safe Safe but stupid. This did relate to a delivery but what is the point of taking your landline number if the system can't communicate? Better to say mobiles only and also to have an on-line system. Jan 29, 2018
Safe This is an SMS delivery service that a number of companies use if you've given them a landline number instead of a mobile for notifications. If you call AQL on 0113 320 3040 and select general enquiries they will tell you what the SMS said and who it was Dec 14, 2017
Safe had call at 7.20 am from this number claiming sms text delivery service but like other people it would not open just kept telling me to press 1 This came apparently from Parcel Force. I only found this out by checking their site for a parcel I was tracki Dec 5, 2017
Unsafe 7.04 am message pretending to be an SMS message. On calling the number a cheery voice suggested viewing an AQL website. AQL purports to be a telecommunications company operating for the benefit of businesses in Yorkshire. Why 'phone me? I have blocked Dec 1, 2017
Neutral HI guys. According to the recording when calling back, it says to check this site: s: aql /aqltext This explains the text-to-call. Conveniently, there is an email to report abuse of the number. Good luck. Nov 10, 2017
Safe SMS to voice service used by parcel delivery companies, have had 2 from Hermes today. And yes, I am expecting a parcel, really useful service. Oct 26, 2017
Neutral Had loads of calls from this number over a couple of days, seemed to relate to an order from Sports Direct but the 'voice' said it was a USC order. Maybe more than one brand using the same dispatch warehouse. Oct 24, 2017
Unsafe rang at 14:45 today 16 oct - no message left. (i read comments that some people got a message regarding a parcel ... BUT NOT expecting a parcel -unless from v EARLY father Xmas.... but father xmas NEVER sent me anything for many many years !! Oct 16, 2017
Unsafe Kept getting message that appointment was cancelled but voice nearly unintelligible so couldn't make out what appointment was for. Had appointment scheduled for dentist but they never sent it.will not answer again in case it goes to some premium number! Jul 28, 2017
Unsafe Phoned four times in 10mins no one on line how do you stop help Jul 22, 2017
Unsafe They left a message on my answer machine today in a robotic voice saying a parcel is coming between 2 and 6 pm. I wasn't expecting a parcel nor did one come as I was in all day anyway. This is a scam Jun 26, 2017
Unsafe A 2 L SMS text service apparently. I don't think so! Jun 19, 2017
Unsafe 0700hrs. As previous receivers stated - a nuisance message service. Other websites indicate this may be Hermes/SportsDirect. I haven#t ordered anything. May 11, 2017
Unsafe We received a call from this number early in the morning saying it was an SMS text service. One of the options was to 'bar the service'. If you select this it then says you will be unable to receive any SMS messages and offering a number to call if you wa Apr 14, 2017
Unsafe Just received an unexpected call and the mobile number the SMS was supposedly from is unknown to me!! Goes without saying I didn't press any digits to 'listen to the message'...probably dialling some £25/min line! Apr 06, 2017
Neutral Claimed tobe a sms message service but couldn't get the message from it. Suspect a rip off of some kind Mar 13, 2017
Unsafe Won't stop calling now having to add it to my bt blocker so a annoying why don't ofcom do something about it? Thought that was ofcom was for? Mar 08, 2017
Unsafe it is just an automaated voice about text messaging service inviting you to press various numbers..obviously a con of some to ignore and hang up Mar 5, 2017
Neutral Had 3 calls this morning already and it is only 8.30am. I answered the first time but no one replied. I have not answered again and came on here to look. Obviously a big problem with this number. Feb 21, 2017
Unsafe Phoned 9.20. Unable to answer but they left a message which was just several numbers and no speech. My son has ordered some goods to be delivered to our house (he doesn't live here) but he would not have given our house landline number - he always uses hi Feb 03, 2017
Neutral Woken at 7.15am this morning by a call from this number. Furious. 10 minutes later same number called again. I have now blocked it on my mobile. Is there any way of stopping these vile people? Feb 03, 2017
Unsafe 7.37 AM this number called offering options for 'SMS Text Service' ; decided not to push any response buttons. It had a very childish mechanical automated voice ; best to just hang up on this nuisance call. Jan 31, 2017
Neutral Rang at 8.45am Sunday morning. Answered but silent on other end. Anyone know who this number is?? Jan 28, 2017

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