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Neutral Had an Indian gentleman sorry" IDIOT" on the phone saying just a call about your car accident, told him he knows as well as me that i didn't have an accident so F**k off Jan 13, 2017
Unsafe just had a call from a foreign person about a non-existent accident. Told them to 'get lost' Jan 7, 2017
Unsafe Rang a few minutes ago. Indian sounding man called 'John', claimed to be in Manchester, yeah, right. The usual accident claim helpline scam/scum. Jan 6, 2017
Unsafe war dialled every extension in our number range, not good... blocked at our telco now. Dec 22, 2016
Neutral Rang saying I, d had a car accident. When I politely told her no please don't ring and take my number off their books.....she tried to keep interrupting me and then I told her to "clear off" Dec 20, 2016
Neutral Got a call from this number. Bloody annoying when they don't even speak when the call is answered Dec 20, 2016
Unsafe A call from this number at 5 pm on SUNDAY Dec 18th? Are they kidding? Told them in no uncertain terms to go away. No car! No accident! Dec 18, 2016
Unsafe Blow a whistle down the phone, or scream. These pests with no life need to be punished. Dec 18, 2016
Neutral Picked up phone and said hello. Indian sounding man said how are you madam so I immediately put down the phone. Dec 18, 2016
Unsafe The usual gross intrusion of privacy. Pointless having a landline as the only calls I get are these idiots. TPS and ex-directory? May as well post my phone number of google and ask them to call. Dec 16, 2016
Unsafe Seems to be accident claims spam calls - very poor line quality and Indian who can barely speak English Dec 16, 2016
Neutral Had a call from this number today, December 16th. Told me I had had a vehicle accident recently. As it is the season of good will I told the woman without swearing to clear off. Dec 16, 2016

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