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Unsafe Call from peter yet again at 0703 hrs today !!!, says microsoft technical team , told him i only have i pad abd for him to just tell the truth, he would feel better in himself, hung ip Jan 22, 2018
Unsafe nineteen calls from this number in last two days! Jan 21, 2018
Unsafe an Indian voice rang yesterday telling me that my PC was under threat from hackers. i asked him his name and he said "Oliver Dawson"... probably not i thought... i said "Oliver, you seem a nice guy but what you are being asked to is illegal... you are be Jan 20, 2018
Safe SCAMMERS ! T.P.S. IS FREE Jan 20, 2018
Unsafe Indian gent?... Started some spiel I asked if this was ppi or my computer or what other scam..... He muttered something about the telephone preference service and then hung up on me Jan 19, 2018
Unsafe When challenged about being a con artist told me to shut up. The truth hurts Jan 19, 2018
Unsafe Having numerous calls from this number. They know my name and address and started asking about my bank cards. I refused to confirm anything and he hung up on me, Jan 19, 2018
Unsafe Similar call 17.05 today claiming to represent telephone preference service. When he asked about card expiry date I told him he was a crook and he hung up. Jan 19, 2018
Unsafe Getting 3-4 calls a day from this number - fortunately all blocked as our phone has a call blocking feature. . Does not sound like I'm missing much from the other comments....... Jan 19, 2018
Unsafe Scammer from India (terrible quality line) with obviously fake first name pretending to be from TPS. When I challenged him I got a tirade of abuse - much of it racially motivated. If I had said that to him I would have been arrested! BEWARE they have your Jan 19, 2018
Unsafe purportedly telephone preference service, Indian gentleman called Edward !! After about minute he wanted me to confirm I paid by direct debit and card which point I hung up Jan 19, 2018

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