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Unsafe Same experience as the others. I knew not to press 1 but wonder how many do. Horrible people. Dec 16, 2016
Neutral Thank you all for posting my mother received a call from this number today it really upset her so glad I Googled the number and saw all your comments Dec 16, 2016
Unsafe Same experience just now. Didn't press 1 and put the phone down . What the heck is the 15 digit number? Dec 16, 2016
Unsafe Phoned yesterday evening at 18.03,saying Alert Alert your credit card has been compromised press 1 to solve. fix .problem problemproblem.Did not press 1 and put phone down.Obiously scamming scum. Dec 16, 2016
Unsafe "Alert, Alert your credit card has been compromised" asked me to "press 1" I didn't & just put the phone down. Dec 15, 2016
Unsafe Alarming call to say credit card had been compromised. Surely someone knows who owns this phone number to bring criminal charges against them? Dec 14, 2016
Unsafe same experience as other users. Quite alarming initially. Didn't press anything. Dec 14, 2016
Unsafe I recieved a call say credit card had been compromised. Alas I pressed 1 due to anxiety what will happen now Dec 14, 2016
Unsafe Frightened my 82 year old mother as the voice sounded so genuine. A scam. Dec 14, 2016
Unsafe A recorded female voice saying " alert alert your credit card had been compromised. Press 1 " scam Dec 13, 2016
Unsafe Message Alert Alert made by a genuine sounding female but obviously a scam. Dec 13, 2016
Unsafe scam - put phone down and called bank Dec 12, 2016
Unsafe yep cr card scam called bank they are aware Dec 12, 2016
Unsafe scam about credit card being compromised told me to dial 1 to sort it out. Dec 12, 2016
Unsafe credit card scam Dec 12, 2016
Unsafe Message "ALERT,ALERT card Compromised etc. This is a Phishing Scam Dec 9, 2016
Neutral credit card scam, don't press 1 put the phone down Dec 08, 2016
Neutral female voice saying my credit card had been compromised. Blocked number. Dec 07, 2016

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