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Neutral Wondering where they got my mobile no. Was asking for the reason of the call? And asked same time what they want to sell. Then hang up. - For sure a suspect call center (big noise in the background) Jan 30, 2018
Neutral Asks for owner of the dialed number but hangs up when he was asked who I’m speaking to. Jan 24, 2018
Neutral After connection nobody is speaking. Probably fishing for you to call back. Jan 19, 2018
Neutral Repeated disrespectful calls from this number, total spam. Jan 17, 2018
Neutral They asked about company background, asked for manager and claimed to be stock market researchers. Jan 17, 2018
Neutral They called and asked questions about my companies backgrownd. My company has no connection abroad and even can’t have them. The man who called did spoke something about international certification? Wtf?!? Jan 15, 2018
Neutral scammer Jan 12, 2018

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